Why A New “Democratic Peace” Blog?

November 23, 2008


Why is there this new “Democratic Peace” blog. What happened to the old one at Blogger’s freedomspeace.blogspot.com? It is dead—erased from the internet.

Google took over Blogger and my blogger account had to be shifted to Google, which worked for awhile. But I had other accounts at Google, and Google unaccountably mixed up one of my other accounts with the one for Blogger. Then, when I no longer needed the other account and cancelled it, I unknowingly trashed the Democratic Peace blog–436 blogs.

 Fortunately, I had kept all the blogs on my hard disk, and that I backed up regularly. So, I created this new Democratic Peace blog with Word Press to selectively post my old blogs that are not out of date. Some provide research results, analyses, and theory just as important and relevant today as when they were published. 

4 Responses to Why A New “Democratic Peace” Blog?

  1. wowpanda says:

    on my Blogspot blog roll it says the new blog is “No Famine Ever”, but when I click it no reference can be found.

  2. rudyrummel says:

    It is there. I just clicked on it in the new blogs section, and got it. Try https://democraticpeace.wordpress.com/2008/12/15/no-faamine-ever/

  3. I’m sorry to know that your old blog was gone, but admire your forethought of saving copies of all the articles and creating a new one instead! Thankfully, your main website still points to this new blog address — I was worried that I wouldn’t get access to it ever again!

    Is your old blog for the Democratic Peace Seminars in Second Life also gone? I tried to look for http://dp-sl.blogspot.com/ but it also says it was removed by Google 😦

    In any case, I truly hope your health is fine again, and would love to see you around again! The CDS still stands, it has grown a bit, and everybody is still looking forward to see you once more 🙂

    Season’s Greetings and all the best to you and your family. And a wish that 2009 is a better year for democratic peace in the world.

    Your old friend from Second Life,

    – Gwyn

  4. sammy finkelman says:

    The lesson here is maybe don’t ever delete anything if you don’t have to.

    Immediately after they were deleted they were probably also to be found in the Google cache which you could access through a Google search.

    I am not sure how to follow the old posts by date. Even the out of date ones might have something so they should be accessible.

    I believe there may be a way to date them with the old date.

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