The Left Does It Again

[First Published January 12, 2005]Conservatives and libertarians just don’t know how to fight the ideological war against the left. Again, the conceptual prize goes to the left.

This time, it’s the red-blue election map, of course.

Traditionally, red is the communist color of revolution. Red flags, red arm bands, red stars, and the like, all denote communism, communists, and their supporters. We once even had a very useful color that denoted a communist fellow traveler (now also discarded by the media) or sympathizer, which is “pinko.” I think I’ll start using it again.

Blue used to stand for the anticommunists, freedom loving, pro-American good guys.

Stupidly, then, libertarians, conservatives, and moderates have been conceptually bamboozled. They let the major media establish, now so deeply imbedded in the news it can’t be blasted out even by tactical nuke, the red-blue electoral map. Who are the reds and pinkos on the map—conservative and Republican states. The blue is then the leftist, left leaning, and Democrat states.

Just stop and think how appropriate it would be if the two coasts were colored red instead of blue. And how well this would communicate their politics. That’s why the major media colored them blue to begin with.

Amazing. What states should be red are blue and what should be blue are red. How could this happen? I suggest the anti-left talk radio, blogs, and other media realize we are involved domestically and abroad in a conceptual war and put together a blue watchdog group. Its mission would be a forward strategy of freedom’s concepts, and an early warning defense against invading pinko concepts and phrases.

Keep in mind that this is a mental war as well as a physical one, and what orders the mind and behavior is our language, which is our interpretation of reality. Why let the left interpret it for us? Why let them impose militants or insurrectionists for terrorists, suicide bombing for genocide or murder bombing, killing for murder, Marxist for communist, progressive for the far left, right wing for socialist (as for the Nazis), unilateral for coalition, lie for truth, and red state for blue state and blue for red.

Link of Note

”’Red state, blue state, purple state’ voted top phrase 2004 (1/9/05)

“(AP) – “Red state, blue state, purple state” was deemed the phrase that most colored the nation’s lexicon in 2004, a panel of linguists determined Friday.”

Of course.

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