See Them And Weep

[First published March 3, 2005] Everyone knows the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and it is true. One way to catalyze public opinion into doing something about mass murder and death is to show the ugly photographs of the bodies over and over again. And even more.

Most visitors may not remember what provoked the American intervention in Somalia in December 1992 with 25,000 troops, which was to secure the trade routes in Somalia so that food could get to the starving people. It was the daily photos of starving and dead Somalian children.

But, forever afterward, because of our inability to stop the civil war there, and Clinton’s ignominious retreat when 18 American soldiers were killed in Mogadishu and the bodies were dragged through the streets, commentators have labeled this intervention a failure. It is now a poster board for nonintervention. No matter how many people believe it, this is absurd. We saved about a million Somalians from starvation, and that to me is a whooping victory.

Photos of democide are powerful, and for this reason I put on my website dozens of photos of them, some sickening (link here). My hope is that they will stimulate visitors to learn more about the underlying cause of all this horrible democide by going through the documents on my website. And what to do about it, which is foster freedom.

Now, Nicholas Kristof, columnist for The New York Times has provided some photos on the Sudan democide (link here). They tell the story. If every major newspaper were to present such photos day after day, this democide would be stopped dead.

Link of Note

”The Massgraves—Victims of Saddam’s Regime”

For those who question the American led attack on Saddam Hussein’s control of Iraq, I wish I could take them on a tour of the 53 confirmed mass graves (270 reported) of Hussein’s victims that have been uncovered since Iraq’s people were freed. Young and old; men, woman, children, babies; crippled and infirm; all in one mass grave after another, totaling hundreds of thousands (Human Rights Watch estimates that in two decades 290,000 Iraqis disappeared. This does not count those openly murdered in massacres such as the gas attack on a Kurd village that killed 5,000, the individual murders, such as the husband of a bride raped by Hussein’s son, or the suicides, such as the bride herself). Since such a tour is impossible, look at the above website’s pictures of what came out of the mass graves.

Then I must ask the noninterventionists to answer to the souls of these poor people. How can you be so sickenly immoral as to let such evil murders continue?

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