Blog Republication Completed

I have now republished all the old blogs that were destroyed. See the introductory explanation ”Why A New “Democratic Peace” Blog?”. The list of all destroyed blogs is in the Universal Archive. Republished ones are in green and linked.

Dated blogs or those irrelevant to current events have not been republished. If you wish to see any of them here, please email me (Rummel at with the title .

I also have another blog ”A Freedomists View” that deals with the international and domestic perils to freedom.

I will add to this Democratic Peace Blog if I have something more to say about a democratic peace foreign policy and the progress of democracy in the world. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to Blog Republication Completed

  1. Bill Rose says:

    Dr. Rummel,

    I appreciate you continuing to write and update this blog with your thoughts. Do you continue to check your email address at the Univ. of Hawaii? I sent you an email last week regarding your applied factor analysis work.

    Thank you,

    Bill Rose

  2. rudyrummel says:

    Got your email and planned to respond tomorrow. I normally do on Saturday to all emails

  3. sammy finkelman says:

    where can I find some information about the Indonesian killings 1965-1966 or 1970. You must have something on that.

  4. rudyrummel says:

    See the estimates, calculations, and notes on Indonesia, Table 14.1 (Centi-Kilo Murdering Quasi-States: Estimates, Sources, and Calculations), Statistics of Democide, here:

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