Progress in Global Democracy

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We now have a clear enough understanding of the Obama foreign policy so that I can critique it from the perspective of the democratic peace. To do so, I must return to the question of global democracy, and the democratic peace. As you should know if you had followed my democratic peace blog (an outline of the content is here), I believe that by theory and its historical tests, democracy is a road to global peace and human security. Democracies have not made war on each other; have minimal domestic violence; commit the least democide by far. Democracies have no famines. All this may shock some of you, but see the proof on my website and the above mentioned democratic peace blog.

However, this theory and its tests have been applied generally to previous centuries and were done a decade ago by many researchers (see the bibliography of this research here.). More recent research has produced arguments calling the democratic peace wrong or a myth. I shall go over all this and report on it here and on the democratic peace blog.

For now, I just want to link you to the best sites on the progress of democracy and globalization. One to check is Freedom House. It tracks and evaluates political changes in all countries, and rates each country as free (liberal democracies), partially free (which include electoral democracies), or not free. Its count for liberal and electoral democracies in 2008 (labeled for 2009, and mapped above) is 119. Of these, 89 are free—liberal democracies. This exceeds the critical number of democracies required to reduce violence and war in the world .

For ten years now there has been among the democracies, a top level World Movement for Democracy that includes democratic, activists, practitioners, academics, policy makers, and funders. It has biennial global assemblies of all these members, the last held in Kyiv, Ukraine. Most important, its major purpose is the promotion of democracy. It has its own website, and also a monthly DemocracyNews.

Finally, the most significant journal in this area is the Journal of Democracy. It says of itself:

The Journal of Democracy is far and away the most important forum for current debates about the nature and spread of liberal democracy around the world. It is an indispensable tool for anybody interested in comparative politics or international relations. A model for how to present serious intellectual content in a clear and accessible way, a standing rebuke to both the slop that often passes for political journalism and the irrelevant gibberish that often passes for social science.

4 Responses to Progress in Global Democracy

  1. Sionn says:

    Glad I found your blog.

    I found your site a real eye opener a few years back. I have a far more optimistic outlook on the world these days and a much better appreciation of the values our democracies bring us.

    It might not seem like much but your website showed me something I did not know. Something very important. In the years after, I must of discussed these empirically backed conclusions with hundreds of people. I mention this to illustrate that your work is of very important value to us all.

    All the best to you from Australia.

  2. rudyrummel says:

    Thank you for your rewarding comment. It am always happy to read that the miracle that is freedom is being appreciated and getting around. Big smile

  3. Sionn says:

    [quote]More recent research has produced arguments calling the democratic peace wrong or a myth. I shall go over all this and report on it here and on the democratic peace blog.[/quote]

    Looking forward to this 🙂 Last week I tried searching up some critiques of the Democratic Peace theory and found a few articles. None of them were very convincing thus far.

    Some examples of the non peer reviewed goodies…

    Some of these are very badly researched. In many cases there is a desperate search for empirical figures for wars between democracies which results in references to conflicts prior to WW1.

    Still, your site is now bookmarked and I’ll check from back from time to time for update.

    All the best.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Real democracy, is still an unattainable ideal, and even then, there is no system in the world as a general basis, or sense of comparison for the evaluation of a full democracy and true, and neither can exist, because we have to get to its essence and see who benefits. For the ancient Greek aristocracy existed broader “democracy”, but for the slaves, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the poor, the marginalized and excluded (which were an absolute majority), democracy was only an empty word.
    The absolute majority must always realize the importance in participating in public affairs and social skills, constantly striving to achieve goals, objectives and opportunities for the reason that, the value is actually the means of achieving a dignified human existence with better quality of life.
    And therefore the absolute majority should not be resigned to live suffering and dying for the owners of the food situation, ie, accepting everything that a machine designed to maintain the dominance of bourgeois minority – be determined in time or time – in which holds that the powerful privileges to feel threatened, will serve up all times of the armed forces, of “justice”, of prisons and punitive organs, to thus stay in power at any cost, displacing and subjugating Most, or leaving her submissive, aloof and remote from the direction and management of public affairs and social issues.
    All nations of the free world must find its own form of expression, to win their own freedom and blaze his own path. The people are sovereign to decide their own destiny and build the process of democracy and freedom in accordance with its ideals of development, or social, cultural, political and economic.
    And, at any time, the nations of the free world, should allow interference in its internal affairs by any force or imperial power.
    The people of each country has every right to fight for its social and national liberation, and choose the best path of development.
    All nations must be free, sovereign and independent of any imperialist interference, to design and build the process of democracy and freedom, as their ideals of development or social, cultural, political and economic, claim always to ensure the sovereignty and independence national.
    Therefore, the will of an absolute majority of people in change and to defend an ideal that meets the interests or wishes of the majority of the population, can also constitute itself as a process of freedom and democracy when it happens, when tens of million people come to the conclusion that one can not keep living like this and thus chose the path of social revolution for national liberation.
    The processes of democracy are diverse and reflect the political, social and cultural development of each nation. Democracies are based on fundamental principles and practices not in uniform because there is no real model, perfect shape, or full copy of Democracy in the world, and there is no single model that fits all regions and all countries.
    “Democracy is for the American empire, as the U.S., organize and dictate the rules, and put people in position and condition of servitude, exploitation, passivity, dependence, obedience, submission, subservience and control, but when people Try to become or remain free from interference, greed, domination, tyranny or will U.S. interests – then this will be considered a dictatorship to the U.S. empire. ”
    People who really yearn to be free, sovereign and independent, and for this, come join a consistent way to build the development of democratic processes, as their social, cultural, political and economic conditions and thus advocate to not be in hands, knees, submissive, obedient, subservient under control, or serving the interests and purposes of American imperialism.
    And so, failing to pray in the booklet of the United States of America, these people are persecuted, and their free and fair elections are considered by the empire of illegal or fraudulent, because the U.S. imperialists will only accept elections regimes harmless, helpless, puppets Subservient, supportive and minions of the Empire. Moreover, the government elected by those free peoples who do not accept being subject to the whims of the United States of America, are always labeled or buffeted of totalitarian tyranny, dictatorship and its enemies.
    The Imperious oppressive regime of the U.S., which always argues with the international community, to make economic sanctions, embargoes or restrictive measures designed to obstruct the commerce and communications of free nations, sovereign and independent, opposing the policy of imperial expansion and domination.
    And, with these measures, the catchy, powerful, arrogant, dangerous, brutal and threatening U.S. empire, which is considered above the law, aimed mainly harm the economy of the free territories, so that thereby makes them power and thus overthrow or impossible to implement and further the development with freedom, independence and sovereignty of free nations, which stepchildren in subjecting themselves to the positions of imperial domination and tyranny of the U.S..
    The Americans who consider themselves the masters of power and status, scholars haughty, superior and better than the whole human race – with its system of government founded on the power of domination and unrestrained, with provocative stance, the empire install military bases in all regions of the world to demonstrate prevail or brute force, to intimidate and threaten the free world, with military exercises constant and large scale.
    For the imperialists try to evade all forms of human nature, by placing the truth upside down, when they present themselves as champions of “freedom” and “democracy”, including making use of these principles with dogged cavil that are the only and real “representatives” or “defenders” of these ideals.
    However, all this is pure trickery in an attempt to justify, convince or impress the mind of the international community, that the interventions that are fair in free countries, sovereign and independent, which are repugnant to subject themselves or to submit to imperial domination.
    And, as a result, these free countries, struggling incessantly against imperial aggression and oppression, not to their knees, passive, mild, submissive, quiet, behaved, obedient, under the command, control and absolute mastery of the empire.
    The U.S. imperialists, with its expansion, influence, or even territorial domination, cultural and economic world; use with audacity, cunning and strategy of domination, the two magic words that are considered key, or “Freedom”and “Democracy, ” which are used with subtlety just sophistry to hide their real purposes of possession of the free world.
    However, contrary to enunciate on “Freedom”and “Democracy,” and National farsistas the U.S. imperialists, intent on keeping the free world under the domination, control and authority.
    And for that, so cunning plot on the pretense to deceive or mislead the people, by making use of maneuvers using violence or harm perpetrated; aiming to deprive the people free, sovereign and independent, the use of treachery or hypocritical that the causes that are just defend and fight for “Freedom”and “Democracy.”
    The U.S. empire, with purpose to intimidate the masses and take the reins at the internal politics of nations free, sovereign and independent; maintain a policy of oppression to achieve their goal of dominating the free world.
    And for that, as a truism perspicuity of his intentions, the empire installs and maintains military bases on every continent and, likewise, promote invasion to overthrow legitimate governments of nations free, sovereign and independent, opposing the policy of expansion and domination Imperial.
    And the villain in this manner with its policy rapacious empire, is spreading hostility extorting concessions through the use of threat of weapons and brute force, raw materials and other assets they need.
    For that, rule genocides around the world free, free nations into debt, buy their politicians and governments puppets, marionettes also support states to undertake destabilizing policies, regional discord and misunderstanding or subversive acts violent and intimidating, the service system of the insidious U.S. imperial.
    The all powerful and wealthy U.S. Empire, packaging for the masses and dominate the free world, use it as a strategy to bypass the constant application of the words that are pleasing and are a decisive element, or “Freedom” and “Democracy”; so as to deceive or attempt to justify to the international community, that the acts of aggression and domination that perform throughout the free world, are sublime and fair, and thus falsely claiming that they are the real defenders of these ideals.
    However, when the nation really decide or act according to its own determinations, aspiring to be free, sovereign and independent, organizing the development of democratic processes, depending on their realities, social, cultural, and economic policies and thereby countering U.S. interests Immediately comes the hostile reaction of the empire.
    And conflict with U.S. interests, so ready, is the U.S. empire, the open treatment, hostile and unfair, animosity inflicted with the free nations – thus disappearing – a highly praised and widely touted the words “Freedom”and “Democracy” which hypocritically used by the empire as a strategy, to introduce the masses to a terrible brainwashed hypnotized and conditioned, to believe or accept the U.S. by mistake, and so false, as the only legitimate true or real” representative “and “defender” of these ideals.
    But the truth always appears, ie the real and true intentions of the Almighty, menacing, possessive, brutal, aggressive, arrogant and terrorist American empire, take by storm the world are free to impose their designs with violence through brute force; with total and absolute disregard the resolutions of the international community, when they take out invasive interventions in areas free, sovereign and independent, thus violating the human rights, with blows, truculence, robberies, harassment, repression, torture, massacres, looting and war .
    All nations must be free, sovereign and independent of any imperial power, for so the process of building democracy and freedom in accordance with its ideals of development, or social, cultural, political and economic.
    And, indeed, to gain autonomy and freedom, fearless people of free nations must constantly fight the direct or indirect interference in its internal affairs.
    For it is only applicable to the native peoples of a nation or territory, form an opinion critical of the exercise or performance of his government, and whatever form of government established.
    And, likewise, is only applicable to the native peoples of a free nation, the overthrow of political power drivers side, they deem to be stewards despots, demagogues, corrupt, crooks, opportunists and profiteers, and all this must be done without interference of any foreign imperial power.
    People really free, sovereign and independent of any force or imperial power, should always lay the foundations and goals to constantly strive for the construction of the process of democracy and freedom, as their development ideals that bring them benefits.
    The imperialists use as a strategy of domination both beautiful, magnificent, spectacular, fantastic and wonderful words, which are decisive element, namely, “Liberty ” and “Democracy”, so as to seduce and deceive the masses, sure to guarantee the unrestrained power over the nations free, sovereign, and independents, and thus impose their system of domination that abuses of the ingenuity, superstition, false belief, ignorance or misunderstanding of an absolute majority.
    Only a people conscious, wise, free, sovereign and independent of any force or imperial power, can build the process of democracy and freedom, as their ideals of development or social realities, politics, economics, and all without imperialist interference.
    Therefore, the reality of a free people, with its political organization, must be referenced or binding in all respects, because, before that which actually exists in life, cultural, social, political and economic one people is not like the constitution of the organization other people with their customs and traditions.
    The powerful own the means of production and not wanting to lose their privileges, they do everything to defend them at any cost, even if it is through the use of violence and bloodshed.
    Therefore, do not want to ever allow any time, that the power and benefits are extended to the majority coming from oppression, for that way, the vast majority will not get out of control or policy area of bourgeois political organization.
    But when a powerful nation or territory lost control of the political and, not wanting to be without the domain of power, then turn to Coups often with the help of U.S. imperialism.

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