China’s Democide Far Exceeds Japan’s

December 23, 2008

[First published April 24/ 2005] One series of headlines in the news last week concerned riots and demonstrations in China over Japan’s democide in China during the Sino-Japanese war, 1937-1945, which merged into World War II. For example, one AP lead was:

SHANGHAI, China (AP) — Japan’s foreign minister was set to travel to Beijing Sunday for talks aimed at defusing the worst tensions between the two Asian powers in decades, after about 20,000 Chinese demonstrators rioted over Tokyo’s wartime history and its bid for a permanent U.N. Security Council seat.

Thousands of police watched the protesters — some shouting “kill the Japanese” — rampage through Shanghai on Saturday but did little to restrain the crowd. Japan filed a strongly worded official protest, complaining that Chinese authorities failed to stop anti-Japanese violence for a third weekend in a row.

Demonstrating in China can get one executed, tortured, or assigned to a honey bucket (buckets carrying human waste) brigade for life. So, these demonstrations had to be organized by the communist regime, and obviously for the purpose of defeating Japan’s bid, with U.S. support, to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

I received an email from China in which the writer asked:

Do you remember me, a Chinese? I want to tell you our feelings towards Japanese. Everyone in our town, young or old, hate Japanese. You may ask why? The Japanese people have never recognize their crimes committed by Japanese troops during World War II. Mr. Rummel, we sincerely hope you tell American friends our feelings, the true feelings . Have you read report about recent anti-Japanese demonstrations across China ? We just want them to recognize their faults. We do not know you what the American people think? Could you tell me?

I wrote in return:

I guess you don’t know that your own communist regime murdered many more Chinese since 1949. I calculate that it murdered 35,000,000 Chinese, while Japan murdered about 3,900,000. Americans recognize the horror of the Japanese occupation of China, especially what is called the Rape of Nanking. However, they also recognize that the communists, especially Mao, were worse.

The poor Chinese writer probably has no idea what I’m talking about, if my email gets through the Chinese regime’s controls. He has been taught since birth, if he is much younger than I am, that the communists have brought peace, prosperity, justice, and freedom to China. And since no book, newspaper, magazine, TV and radio broadcast, speech, or demonstrators would dare disagree, it must be true.

Link of Note

China’s Bloody Century (1991) By R.J. Rummel

This book details the democide and war dead for the five major periods in China’s history from 1900 to 1987: The Manchu Dynasty until 1912, war lord period, the Nationalist (KMT) government under General Chiang Kai-shek, the Mao Tse-tung regime (Communist Party) from 1949-1976, and after. The chart below provides an overview of the sources of deaths. About 54,000,000 Chinese were murdered by one government/regime/party or another, 1900-1987. When one adds to this those Chinese killed in civil war, including that among the warlords, and war with foreign powers during the Boxer Rebellion and with Japan’s invasion beginning in 1937, the total rises to near 66,000,000. Then there were those man-made famines under the KMT, and then Mao, which jump the total dead in democide, war, and famine to 116,000,000.

No other people in our modern times have suffered and bled so much, not even the Russians.

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