Marxists Are Communists

December 11, 2008

[First published January 5, 2005] When was the last time you read or heard in the major media, or university publications, of a communist professor in the United states. In recent times, almost never, right? Well, you should, because every Marxist is a communist, and as everyone reading about American colleges and universities these days should know, there are Marxists faculty galore.

Over the years since communism has gotten a bad name for all its economic and human failures, and especially for its mass murders exceeding anything in history. In my own research on mass murders (what I call democide) around the world, I total up 110,000,000 murdered by communist regimes (see ”The killing machine that is Marxism”). So, Marxists, their supporters, and the full weight of the media’s anti-anticommunisit editors, reporters, and commentators have refused to use the word for our communist treachers and professsors. They are . . . Marxists.

What a pallid characterization for those favoring or supporting such mass murder. But, “Marxist” is weighty. It seems to imply the Marxist is heavy into theory and even philosophy, somebody taken with abstract ideas, and possibly harmless, as is a Benthamite, Lockian, or Randian—not a biased partisan like a liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, libertarian, or fascist.


The work of Karl Marx is the Bible of communism. He is to communism what Mohammed is to Islam. In communist countries students are all, and still are indoctrinated into Marxism. The works of Marx are still taught as the true and only scientific historical, social, and economic analysis.

Now, there are some keen observations made by Marx and I have written about them elsewhere in relation to my own theory (link here). Nonetheless, his work and his communist activism has led to mankind’s worst horrors.

Is it possible to be a Marxist and not a communist? Consider. If a professor teaches the Bible, believes every word to be true, highly praises it, and thinks and teaches that it is the only basis for reorganizing society, even if necessary by revolution, is he a Christian? Of course. Whether he is a Catholic, Protestant, or whatever Christian church, depends on his interpretation of the Bible. But, he is still a Christian.

And so, all Marxists are communists and all communists are Marxists.

Remember that the next time a professor identifies himself as a Marxist, or the media avoids identifying a Marxist as a communist. And if you happen to meet a Marxist casually, you just might ask him how he can justified the murder of about 140,000,000 human beings in the pursuit of his utopia.

Link of Note

”My Second Marxist Indoctrination” By Tatiana Menaker

“After arriving in the United States with a diploma from Leningrad University (a university with such alumni as Vladimir Lenin, Ayn Rand and President Vladimir Putin), I realized that I had the extremely unmarketable skills of a Marxist-Leninist philosophy professor. . . . I decided ‘To bring my English to the level of my Russian’ . . .  and enrolled at San Francisco State University. I majored in creative writing.

“I couldn’t believe what I found.

“Imagine the utter amazement of a refugee from a Communist country, where Marxism was forced on all students, now having to sink in a puddle of socialist propaganda again — but this time in the middle of an American university! 

“Imagine the astonishment of a person who, after fighting the KGB and being a refusenik, finally comes so close to her dream of receiving a real education instead of indoctrination, only to find herself, once again, in the middle of a socialist brainwashing machine — but this time in San Francisco. . . .“